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Meet Shift, the app that lets you team up with members who live in different places around the world.


Find the right time that suits everyone.

Physical offices are not the primary workspaces of today’s world. Use Shift to keep everyone organized in your modern, virtual office space.

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  • Not just a regular world clock

    Better Than a World Clock

    While you could use a world time clock and carefully calculate time zone differences, Shift is an efficient way to organize your members’ time zones and locations on your mobile device.

  • Team calls made simple

    Team calls made simple

    Schedule an event with a remote-working team is as simple as sending a text message through the app without complicated event scheduling.

  • Keep in touch with loved ones

    Simplify Your App Library

    Until now, you'd have to use one app for scheduling and another for time zones. Shift combines both to save you time and data.

Create Events

Shift works much like a calendar so you know immediately if you have the time in your schedule for a phone call or meeting.

Easily create events
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Send Invitations

Conveniently invite your contacts, Facebook friends or simply anyone who has an e-mail address, and share your event with them.

See Who Accepts or Declines

Know whether the invitees can make it to your event, call, or meeting. Shift will notify you if they accept or decline the invitations.

Be always up-to date

Download Shift

It’s never been easier to work as if you’re in the same office!


  • Do the people I invite need the app to see and accept the invitation?

    Of course not! Shift sends invitations in standardised iCal format which any calendar app can handle.

  • Does Shift connect with my calendar or serve as it's own calendar?

    You can pick where events will be saved to. From any of the calendars you have on your phone.